Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pregnenolone Steal

Pregnenolone is a precursor to a myriad of hormones - cortisol, aldosterone, estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone. The body, when under massive amounts of stress, will manufacture more cortisol and will essentially "steal" the pregnenolone from becoming a precursor for the other valuable hormones.

The result? Symptoms of adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, or higher blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a precursor to pregnenolone; if the output of the various other hormones is reduced, the body will produce more raw materials (cholesterol) in hopes that with more pregnenolone, less will be stolen and the other hormones can be manufactured.

These conditions can effectively be treated via nutrition and homeopathy. If desired, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Think the Thyroid

The thyroid is an important gland that secretes hormones for cellular metabolism and calcium metabolism. Many individuals in our society struggle with thyroid related problems - especially women. The major cause for these thyroid related issues is adrenal fatigue since the adrenals first target the thyroid when they encounter distress and demand additional raw materials from other body resources.

What are some cardinal signs of thyroid distress?

  1. Hair is thin and delicate.
  2. Hair falls out easily.
  3. "Silver Dollar" sized pain between the shoulder blades.
  4. Brittle nails.
  5. Cold hands and feet.
  6. Weight gain.
  7. Decrease cognitive abilities.
  8. Signs of osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  9. Depression.

If a few of these fit you, chances are your thyroid could use a boost. The best solution is to allow your body to get back to optimal function. We would be happy to help you, a family member, or a friend - we offer a complimentary consultation.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

Visit the online book review of "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miracles Happen...

Each day in my practice, I witness miracles every day. The miracles may not be huge to others, but for the patients, they are HUGE. The miracles come from the human body - a fabulous gift we each have - that is self-healing. The body heals wonderfully and miraculously when it has the raw materials it needs to heal.

I have witnessed knee problems where the patient is expecting surgery completely resolve within weeks; a shoulder problem with barely no range of motion that was scheduled for surgery and resolved within 2 weeks; multiple individuals return to a life without fatigue; and multiple individuals recover from aches and pains from merely just a simple correction of emotions. These miracles occur due to the blessing of Applied Kinesiology, that allows the physician to ask the body what is wrong and what it needs to heal. Give the body what it needs - nothing more, nothing less.

I do not take credit for these miracles. These miracles occur due to the grand design that the Creator has instilled in each and every one of us - the ability to heal. I simply facilitate. I am humbled daily by the miracles I witness each and every day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Homeopathic Nosodes

The principles of homeopathy began around 1790. Having graduated from medical school and not agreeing with the practices of purging, bloodletting, and the use of toxic chemicals to cure disease, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann began his quest of treating disease through the law of "similars".

A Nosode (meaning "from disease" in Greek) is a homeopathic preparation used to prevent or treat disease. By attenuating bacteria, ova, parasites, viruses, or fungi, the body can use these substances to become immune without contracting the disease. These homeopathic nosodes have been clinically used and proven long before the introduction of vaccines. In fact, there were over 22 homeopathic medical schools in the United States (including Boston University, New York Medical College, and Stanford University) until 1920 when pharmaceutical companies and the AMA began to suppress the success of homeopathic remedies.

Although the United States experienced this decline in interest in homeopathic remedies in the early 20th century, other nations in Europe and Asia were experiencing a steady growth of homeopathic teachings and interest. As of today, homeopathy is popular in Russia, India, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, England, and various countries throughout South America.

Homeopathy and the use of nosodes is on the rise again in the United States. Explore the possibilities of health and disease prevention through homeopathic support!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cholesterol - A Viewpoint

Cholesterol is a topic all over advertisements and products on the supermarket shelves. Many believe that eating cholesterol is bad. But, the liver actually manufactures 1000+ mg of cholesterol per day from other fats; cholesterol is a vital precursor to Vitamin D and sex hormones and some research suggests that cholesterol can act as an antioxidant when other antioxidants are not present. Cholesterol is vital to life.

We are all exposed to advertisements for lowering cholesterol. Quaker Oatmeal and Honey Nut Cheerios claim to lower cholesterol 4 points. Sounds good, but the margin of error for total cholesterol is 9%. Even with a cholesterol count of 200, it could be off by 18 points either direction - sounds like safe marketing!

The body is amazing at maintaining balance for purposes of survival. Notice that I stated survival and not health. Yes, your body wants to be healthy, but it wants to survive as well. At times, the body may raise cholesterol for the purpose of surviving. Instead of lowering the raised cholesterol level (symptom) artificially with medication, it is important to discover why the body is raising cholesterol and correct the cause. The correction is always something of the raw materials the body can deal with - nutrition, toxin reduction, exercise, and stress reduction. A complimentary therapy for these natural methods is Lipotrophic-Plus, a nutrition supplement to support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

For some additional fun information, view research released this week on Vytorin and Zetia, the leading cholesterol lowering drugs that cost about $4/pill.

Monday, January 14, 2008


We live in a toxic world, and the accumulative effects of the toxins that we are exposed to take a toll on our bodies. Toxins come from fast food, processed food, tap water, preservatives, additive, artificial coloring, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, coffee, alcohol, pesticides, and pollution. With all of our exposure to these toxins, we are all in need of a detoxification process.

Symptoms of toxic overload include:

  • Weight gain

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Arthritis

  • Skin conditions

  • Allergies

  • Food cravings

  • Decreased mental capacity

  • Depression

  • Difficulty sleeping

There are many methods to detoxify. The most important aspect of any detoxification program is to supplement with quality nutrition that effectively mobilizes toxins and binds them for removal. Proper nutritional supplementation ensures that all detoxification methods are most effective by ridding the body internally (liver, kidneys, spleen, lymphatics, bowels) of toxins and providing quality building blocks to regenerate and maintain good health.